Save time to better manage thanks to the project module. Manage:

  • Your customer quotes
  • Your price requests
  • Your current projects
  • Your budgets
  • Your expenses by project
  • Time spent versus time planned
  • And all the workflow until their invoicing
  • Visibility on ongoing projects
  • Respond quickly to clients
  • Invoice all your time without forgetting anything
  • Structure and standardization of your activities
  • Cost and margin control
  • Creation of a customer history


Centralize your contacts and keep your history.

  • Your customer files
  • Follow-up notes for each customer, prospect and supplier
  • The history of your projects and your invoices
  • Automate the entry of useful information for projects and invoices.
  • Classify your suppliers by category of services offered
  • Quickly find the right suppliers
  • Create your quotes and invoices with all the right information
  • Keep all customer history in one place
  • Avoid information loss
  • Assess profitability by customer


Keep track of projects in detail. Easily manage:

  • Your hours worked by task
  • Details of your activities


  • The overall workload
  • Time per week and per day
  • History of work done
  • Via a time clock or by hour block
  • Track profitability (net margin) by task
  • Identify sources of overrun
  • Access to history by project and by client
  • User friendly
  • Compare billable versus non-billable time


A well-managed project is a well-invoiced project. Be the pros for:

  • Convert quotes to invoices
  • Create progressive invoices
  • Track recurring invoice (option)
  • Manage assets, deposits and provisions
  • Relaunch your customers
  • Manage your workflow (billing statuses)
  • Export data to your accounting software
  • Track profitability by analytical code and BU
  • Evaluate sales including gross margin, net margin by customers and type of service
  • Save time with a simple process
  • Prevent errors by avoiding manual steps
  • Easily track reminders and customer payments


Your companion to be well guided! Make decisions with reports from:

  • Timesheets, by project, by client and by employee
  • Visibility of project margins, by BU and by customer
  • Supplier, payable and spent
  • Sales including gross margin and net margin by customer, business units, project managers, etc.
  • Performance monitoring
  • Forecast analysis
  • and more…
  • Visibility on profitability
  • Fast data-driven decision making
  • Simplified annual planning
  • Save time with pre-formatted reports
  • Customizable
  • Designed for service companies