Purchase Orders Module

Managing sales and purchase activities is key to the profitability of your agency:

  • Purchase order creation: Managing purchase orders allows for the creation of orders for both clients and suppliers. Orders can be created from scratch or by using predefined templates to save time.
  • Order tracking: Managing purchase orders also allows for tracking the status of orders. The FRONTIVA software allows for tracking the processing of orders from creation to delivery or receipt.
  • Supplier relationship management: Managing purchase orders ensures better relationships with suppliers. Orders can be placed directly from the FRONTIVA software, which streamlines the ordering process and ensures quick delivery.
  • Invoicing: Managing purchase orders ultimately allows for generating invoices for clients. Purchase orders can be used as a basis for creating invoices, ensuring that all necessary information is taken into account.
  • Purchase order creation
  • Purchase order tracking
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Invoicing