Time, money and peace of mind.

FRONTIVA, the most complete management solution for marketing firms, from estimates to invoicing.
FRONTIVA is designed for freelancers, agencies and businesses in the communications field who want to improve management and tracking of their activities. The software is custom-built for advertising, design and marketing communications companies and departments, as well as companies with multiple projects.
Developed using FileMaker Pro technology, FRONTIVA easily adapts to your specific needs. FRONTIVA allows you to manage your clients, estimates, staff, projects, follow-ups, purchase orders, invoices and management reports.

Client Management - CRM
Save time. Everything you need in one place.

FRONTIVA helps you reply to client and supplier requests much faster.
Everything you need - notes, estimates, projects, project reports and invoices –
is all in one centralized place, making it easier to access important information when you need it.


Quotes and projects
Control and profits.

Sound project management practices are essential for profitability and customer satisfaction.
Your approved project quote is the basis of the project list.
For each project, you can include possible expenses, suppliers, task lists and assigned hours.


Simple and efficient.

The time tracking module is at the heart of FRONTIVA.
Individual team members enter their own hours.
Thus, each time entry shows the hourly rate and costs associated with project tasks.

Feuille de temps

Quick and elegant.

Produce invoices quickly, easily and without mistakes.
Your invoices can be based on hourly rates or flat rates.
Sort and view your invoice reports by client to see your invoice status.
FRONTIVA has a variety of report templates to choose from, or you can build your own reports and dashboards.


Other modules
Stop copy pasting.

Production Calendar


You can have an overview of all your projects and tasks in the FRONTIVA calendar. So you won’t miss important dates, and it will be easier to organize project work schedules according to staff availability.

Manage Costs

Manage Costs

FRONTIVA keeps track of planned and unplanned purchases for each project and thus gives you a snapshot of your profitability and supplier costs.

Custom Management Reports

Custom Management Reports

FRONTIVA includes a number of reports for all your needs, such as invoicing, timesheets, payroll, etc. Most of these reports can be accessed from any module in FRONTIVA, which means, for example, that you can view profitability reports in the project module or sales reports in the invoice module.

FRONTIVA Overview - Video





For the past 14 years, FRONTIVA has been helping agencies manage their businesses better and reach their financial goals. By offering tools to increase control over costs and by presenting a clear idea of projected time spent versus real time spent on projects, FRONTIVA can help agencies increase their billable time.


We know that every company is different. That is why FRONTIVA can adapt to your company’s current and future business procedures. With FRONTIVA, everything is possible!

Return on investment

FRONTIVA will save you money and improve your invoicing process. You will see a return on investment in a very short time.

Software for your industry

Full bleed, multi-service agency, client services, media buying, request for quote from printers… We know your industry and we speak your language.

Reduced time spent on management

“It didn’t take long before Bob noticed that time spent on project management had significantly decreased since FRONTIVA’s implementation, because important information was much faster and easier to access.”

Better project follow-up

“Bob discovered that FRONTIVA made everyday project tracking much quicker, simpler and more efficient.”

Remarkable team

“The FRONTIVA team was extraordinary from the beginning to the end of the integration process!”
Philip Cartier, CFO
Bob Communication
Bob Communications uses FRONTIVA since 2010 to manage their communication agency. They track quotes, projects, billable time, purchases and invoices.

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